I have created several custom classes, designed to offer unique niches within the game or to fit specific roles within a particular campaign. Many of the base classes have been customized to specific people's play-styles. In general, there are two kinds of prestige classes: 5-level Prestige Classes and 10-level Prestige Classes. Monster classes are designed to allow characters to play non-base races by taking levels in the monster class instead of a base or prestige class, to offset the power many of these races offer.

Base Classes Edit

These classes can be played without deviation for 20 levels, designed to be comparable to any other base class.

Title Description
Bone Warden A durable necromantic warrior who channels negative energy and summons skeletal warriors.
Desperado A hot-blooded gunman who dares to tread in dangerous frontiers, his spellshooters his closest companions.
Flamist WIP
Geistcaster A mage who ties herself to the occult arts and bends eerie dark forces to her will.
Plague Doctor A cunning physician that uses fast-acting diseases and a mastery of the Heal skill to mend his allies and cut enemies to pieces.
Samurai Wielding ancestral weapons with grace and uncanny skill, samurai are warriors of a spiritual path.
Sawbones An arcane healer of science, rather than faith, that can bring a sharp mind and a wealth of knowledge to great effect in any situation.
Shrine Priest A divine caster who possesses the wisdom and training of generations of priests, dedicated to protecting his home - and his allies - from encroachment by outsiders.
Soulforce Invoker A highly mobile brawler who manipulates inner strength to make himself durable and release damaging energy.
Telekinetic Adept A psionic character who utilizes mental force to damage and manipulate his foes while protecting his mind and body from harm.
Vivimancer A divine mage who channels the pure energy of life to aid and mend the pain of allies.
Templar A supernatural character who augments himself and the reality around him by channeling cosmic powers.


5-level Prestige Classes Edit

These classes generally give a few unique abilities designed to make a character fill a very specific roll. They usually give less diverse power than a base class, but frequently give unparalleled mastery over a specific purview.

Title Description
Avamerian Heir Divine casters who pledge themselves to Sertrous, the Elder Evil that discovered a simple, yet powerful, truth: One need not worship a god to gain the power of divine magic.
Child of Khyber After making the "Aberrant Heir" prestige class, I discovered the Child of Khyber, which is a WotC official version of the exact same theme.
Faceless Dervish Servants of the Divine who use the powers of Law and Darkness to hunt and kill the foes of their faith.
Necrotic Master Necromancers who specialize in Necrotic Cysts gain mastery over infesting, weakening, and killing their encysted foes.
Scion of Ani The scions are driven by a burning passion for love and revenge fueled by the unbearable longing and loathing of Black Winged Ani.
Soulforged KiChanneler Monks who focus on honing their chi unlock spiritual powers they can unleash through empowered attacks, shields, and bursts of energy.


10-level Prestige Classes Edit

These classes usually give several powerful allies, class features, or unique effects that scale with Prestige Class level and require all 10 levels to reach optimal power. They frequently re-flavor a Base Class's theme or focus.

Title Description
Geistwalker Geistwalkers have gained the allegiance of an eidolen, who grants them ghostly power and fights on their behalf.
Grim Psion An undead psionic class from "The Mind's Eye" updated from 3.0 to 3.5.
Necrotic Soul Warlocks whose power comes from necromantic sources gain deathly power and dominion over undead.
Spellfire Channeler Those who practice their spellfire can hone their talent into a tool with fantastic abilities that most dabblers can only dream of.


Monster Classes Edit

These classes are designed to reduce all of the effects of a Monster into several levels, giving the player access to power and abilities at roughly the same time as any other class.

Title Description
Aranean The araneans are an arachnid race that lives in the wild places at the edges and in the cracks of civilized lands, known to be always watching and crafting.
Dolgaunt The dolgaunts are a powerful, but twisted, creation of the Daelkyr that both "see" and fight with their highly sensitive skin and tentacles.
Shadow Eft The shadow efts are a psionic race that dwell between worlds, travel through conduits of darkness, and subsist on psychic residue.